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Often during conversations discussing weekend plans, I hear myself saying, “I’m going to be a hermit this weekend.”  My friends and I laugh about it, but I remember when I was younger that I wasn’t as candid about telling people that I just wanted to hang out by myself. Back then I was overly self-conscious and did things that I didn’t necessarily want to do like attend crowded parties or dances and when I reflect on that time in my life, I realize I should have just appreciated who I was instead of trying to be this smiles-all-the-time-attending-every-single-event girl. It was exhausting trying to schedule every moment with my friends and save room for me, which was sacrificed for the sake of socializing. But now I am older, wiser, and have a great group of friends who love me for who I am, a hermit.

I’m not referring to an old man dressed in brown robes living in the woods, not only unrealistic but unpractical and gender biased. I clearly don’t live in the woods or wear brown robes, though the idea is appealing. I am talking about everyday people who enjoy spending time to themselves or with close friends. This person is someone sitting on their porch casually reading, preparing Greek recipes while sampling some $15.49 wine, kneeling in the garden to smell some basil, painting and scribbling on a used canvas board, and simply sleeping near an open window passively absorbing the sun.  They’re real, everyday folks like me. They’re noisy. They’re quiet. They’re you. Who better to spend time with than yourself?My getaway

As I’ve already hinted at, modern hermits come in a variety—shy, outspoken, clever, workaholic, enthusiast—and even though what I just said seems to contradict who hermits are, they sometimes want or are sociable. It happens. I will post later discerning this issue, which I’m officially defining as The Hermit Continuum.

More than anything, I want to celebrate being a hermit, discuss and show you some perks, and hope to find other hermits like myself making their way in this world. So often we are not as sought after by employers or people perhaps as a result of our introversion; however, I tend to disagree and believe there is a lot to be said about this and that people find it hard to believe that you can benefit from having these skills. You damn well can!

While I will bring up several topics, I will post articles and excerpts pertaining to this issue while posting pictures of some of my hermit activities (paintings, recipes, book reviews, travels, etc). I’ve always wanted to create a blog dedicated to hermits and I’m looking forward to where this journey leads and to some of the people’s stories I will read.

My Getaway